Like to keep your swag simple, yet... interesting???  Slip into a pair of our "Simple Swag" socks!  Just...
Charcoal Luxury 3-Pack - Men's Socks - Silkii®
Super soft and comfy at a GREAT value! These Men's Dress Socks look great with jeans, slacks, khakis......
Plum 3-Pack - Men's Dress Socks - Silkii®
Purple never looked this awesome.... If you're out kickin' it live with your homies (too much?) who says...
Stylish Bamboo - Men's Dress Sock - Silkii®
Dressing up is totally gangster right?  So let me ask you... What's cooler than saying your socks are...
Classic Ankle Sport - Men's Socks - Silkii®
Keep cool and light with these below-the-ankle socks. Made with moisture wicking, breathable material, you'll be dry and...
Classic Bamboo - Men's Socks - Silkii®
Not only is our bamboo textile incredibly soft but it has natural anti-bacterial properties! (Hint: Think foot odor...)...
Argyle Schmargyle! - Men's Socks - Silkii®
Description: Who says argyle lost its SWAG???  Kick it live with these classic argyle socks and a style...
Baby Shark - Men's Socks - Silkii®
Not nearly as annoying as the song, these Baby Shark Socks will make Jaws drop! Whether you're watching...
Groovy Polka Dot - Men's Socks - Silkii®
Get yo' GROOVE on!  No matter who says otherwise, Polka Dots will never, EVER go out of style! ...
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$24.00 $3.00
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$10.99 $3.00